Food That Inspires Inc. - Melissa Schaible
Being a private chef is a far more intimate position than one might expect. You are working within the confines of your employer’s private space, their sanctuary. I interact daily with their most precious life accomplishments. It requires a special blend of professionalism and personal respect for their privacy, home, property, family, friends and professional contacts. I have a profound respect for the trust my clients require of me and take pride in providing them with my top notch service.
As a private chef, I learn so much more than just a client’s culinary likes and dislikes. It goes far deeper than that. I must get to a level where I can anticipate their wants and needs, patterns and nutritional goals for themselves and possibly their spouse and children. Developing these unique routines is my goal and pleasure.
I am an educated Private/Personal Chef with 20+ years of experience, self-employed through multiple families/businesses. I'm passionate about utilizing local and seasonal ingredients to create the freshest dishes and grateful that I get to create something that excites me every day and I share that with the folks I cook for. My days are positive, focused on a healthy lifestyle and my food... bright, creative, forever evolving and loaded with stories of local farmers and their successes! I Structure fresh seasonal meal plans working within a set budget, reducing your food costs and waste. Prepare exciting, diverse and nutritionally balanced meals for your family/clients as well as execute home and business entertaining needs; stunning gourmet dinner parties, delicious backyard barbecue and for kids and adults. Clean, sanitize and help to ORGANIZE or even re-design your kitchen. I look forward to discussing your culinary goals!
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